About Us  

Softlink Consultants is a core consultancy organisation that works as a one-stop resource for advice, information and follow through in the area of immigration services. The scope of Softlink's services includes individuals and organisations seeking a footprint in the UK.



Softlink is incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 in the United Kingdom and is authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration advice and services.
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  Service that's one-to-one  

Our main objective here is to provide information and assistance that is accurate, updated and disseminated to meet the needs of people and organizations who approach us. In addition to ensuring optimum response levels, we make a conscious effort to retain our costs within a narrow, reasonable band. This is one commitment we make and ensure that we live up to.

Over the years, we have also reached a level of customer response that's fast, efficient and "one-to-one". Also making sure that turnaround times do not include delays that could be avoided in the first place. This in effect is a key differential in our service portfolio.

  Scope of Services  

Our scope of services covers a comprehensive spectrum of immigration needs.

  • Clients who want to come to the UK
  • Clients who want to continue to stay in UK
  • Clients who wish to bring spouse and their children across
  • Companies planning to handle outsourcing contracts in the UK
  • Companies planning to extend their operations into the UK



    Points Based System (PBS)

    We can help you in processing Sponsorship Licence for Tier 2 (General) & Tier 2 (Intra Company Transfer) and Tier 1 (General) applications. For further assistance, please contact us.


    Free Assessment

    We offer a free assessment that allows us to determine what visas you are eligible for and the best options for you to live in the UK.