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  Appeals against Refusals  

  • Introduction

    Refusals to grant work permits and applications under other categories, refusals of Leave to Remain in the country by the Home Office, refusals of Entry Clearance by a British Embassy or Consulate do occur frequently. The appeals system enables decisions by the Home Office, the immigration Service and British posts abroad to be reviewed by an independent authority. Most refusals of Entry Clearance have an appeal facility in order the reasons for refusal may be considered by an independent authority.

    If you or your dependants have received a refusal and there is an opportunity to appeal, then the form lodging the appeal must be submitted within the strict time limit in accordance with the legal requirements. This is usually within 28 days of the date of refusal.

    If you have received a refusal in your country of origin you should remember that lodging an appeal is not a formality and those intending to lodge an appeal should be aware that appeals are progressed in the UK. It is important a UK representative is appointed who can lodge the appeal with the Embassy or High Commission within the time frame and progress the case through the immigration appeal court in the UK. You could possibly avoid long delays by lodging a correct appeal. Most Appeals in the UK take on average of 10 months or more to conclude.

    In order to progress an appeal it is crucial you have professional help. It is vital and very important that all relevant information and correct grounds for appeal are presented.

    For advice and assistance on refusals of your applications please contact us.